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    A Service Disabled Veteran Owned & Operated Business. Our certifications provide contracting advantages that may help your company win.  We also do Veteran Outreach targeting highly skilled and qualified candidates, which makes VForce the perfect partner.

    Recruiting Services

    Headquartered in Sacramento California, our leadership has over 75 years in combined staffing and employment services experience.  With our exclusive relationships with the  Military we can fill your hard to find positions with highly vetted candidates.


    World Class Services

    VForce provides tools, training, resources and experience needed to seamlessly navigate all employment regulations and significantly reduce the cost and burden of providing qualified labor and employment services for your business.

    Find out how VForce Staffing Solutions can be your partner and tailor a program that brings value to your staffing and outsourcing efforts.  There’s no project to large or small.

    Angel F.

    “After struggling to find a stable position, VForce has helped me out a lot by finding me a great job.  After years of service to my country in the Army National Guard, I had real trouble finding something stable. If it wasn’t for the job VForce gave me, I would still be in my old unreliable job and be struggling to pay for my school expenses and bills. I am forever grateful and thankful.”

    Angel F.Army National Guard
    Ken S.

    “We currently team with VForce Staffing Solutions for ongoing staffing contracts for McKesson, State Street Bank, and FNTI, a subcontractor to Hewlett Packard to help digitize an estimated 200 million inmate and parolee records for the State of California. I was just with a senior manager from FNTI at a National Veterans conference..he personally voiced his appreciation to me for how well our part of the project is going.”

    Ken S.CEO
    Jose R.

    “It’s been tough this past year trying to find a job as a National Guardsman. Employers are reluctant to hire because they know we have our service as priority. VForce helped me in getting a full-time job on a State Contract with Hewlett Packard & Fidelity National Financial that gave me the flexibility to still work my part time in the mornings. Thanks to VForce, I am able to stay on top of my bills, help my family, and move forward with my fiancé and our plans. Thank you for everything you’ve done.” 

    Jose R.Army National Guard
    Juanita R.

    I have been working with VForce Staffing for the last year, and they have become a major asset in our business by providing traditional staffing services in a very responsive and professional manner.  The areas of support VForce Staffing has provided to LWF are; recruiting services, payroll and workers compensation. Their work has been a major factor in our businesses success, helping it grow by hiring nearly 120 employees.  I can confidently recommend VForce Staffing as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.  I have found them very responsive and their rates very low for the quality of work.

    Juanita R.President | LWF
    Brett N.

    “Over the last two years VForce Staffing has provided Harvest Farms with traditional recruiting services, payroll and workers compensation. With the services and support provided by VForce we have seen our business grow, and increased our workforce by almost 80 employees. We’ve been very happy with the level of service and competitive pricing. I feel confident to recommend the services and staff at VForce Staffing. Their rates are very reasonable for the quality of service we’ve received and they have always been very professional and responsive.”

    Brett N.Harvest Farms
    Jamie G.

    “This year has been tough, with being unemployed and living on my own. It doesn’t get easier knowing that every company that I applied to wouldn’t hire an Army reservist, due to the obligations I have to my military career. Through the struggle I found VForce, that specialized in helping veterans find jobs at companies that hire plenty of reservists. Thanks to VForce I know have a job that pays great and provides me with my 40 hours. Things are going well!”

    Jamie G.Army National Guard
    Eric B.

    “A few months back I read an article in the LA Times about a veteran in New York trying to find a job. He was turned down at several prestigious companies because he is a veteran and because the job market is in poor shape. This of course was very disheartening for me, as I was constantly looking for “the job”. I wanted a career in SOMETHING that had benefits for my family and I, as well as a competitive trade I could remain in hopefully until retirement. I’ve spent the last 3 1/2 years in commercial plumbing only to find myself out of work and struggling to make ends meet for my family.

    One day while searching through jobs online, I found a link to a job website for veterans, V-Force. I applied for a position that was posted. Within a day I was contacted back by one of the employment specialists. He was very friendly, informative, and diligent. He sent my resume to an international company he recommended. A couple days later I received a call from the company for an interview. I was hired on the spot!

    I have now been with this company for 10 weeks and am quickly learning a trade I had no experience in. I have full benefits, full time employment, and the pleasure of working next to fellow veterans. My family and I are back on track and so very grateful for this career. I know how it feels to think there is no break coming in regards to the job industry for a veteran. V-Force gave me my break. Try them.”

    Eric B.United States Navy
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